It is a pity that some gamblers think online slots can be rigged and they are not random. The truth is otherwise; casinos like online2-casino have completely random slots that cannot be manipulated at all.

How do online slots work?

Online slots in casinos are not run by humans; rather these machines are actually computers that throw out completely random numbers and sequences. And nobody can predict these patterns or manipulate them.

Who designs Random Number Generators?

These programs are designed by computer programmers and are very difficult to hack. Most importantly, RNGs are subject to continuous supervision by gambling regulators and other third party monitors. That is why, slots cannot be rigged .

What is slot randomness?

Slot randomness means that the numbers and sequences of online slots from licensed casinos are completely unpredictable. Even the laws of probability cannot predict the next outcome. Ever event is independent in nature.

  • Always play on licensed casinos

What are licensed casinos?

These are online gambling sites that have been permitted or licensed by government authorities. In most cases, these authorities are the gambling regulators for that particular country. Some regulators are the U.K. Gambling Commission, etc.

Receiving a license is very tough because casinos have to follow very tough rules and regulations. Licensed casinos also have to maintain very high standards of trust and fairness. These casinos are preferred more by gamblers.

Licensing information

The first thing that you can do while creating your account is check the licensing information. This data is provided at the bottom of the casino's website. You will find the license number and date issued.

What about fake licenses?

It is highly improbable that a casino will show a fake license. If it does this, that license will immediately be prosecuted and its owner be jailed. You can trust your licensed casino.

  • Never lay bets on public WIFI

Top licensing authorities

Most online casinos receive their licenses from the following authorities; 1. The U.K. Gambling Commission 2. Alderney Gambling Commission 3. Curacao Gambling Control 4. Malta Gaming Authority and 5. Gibraltar Gambling Ordinance

Slot RTPs

If your slot is not helping you win, it doesn't mean your slot has been rigged. It can also mean that your game has low RTP. With a higher RTP game, you might win some money.

What is slot RTP?

The term RTP stands for Return to Player and indicates the potential profitability of a slot. 98% RTP means that a slot is likely to reward you 98% of the times over a period of playing.

This doesn't mean that you will definitely win on a high RTP slot. Your chances of winning also depend upon your strategy, skill, and luck. So choose a game which has a good RTP.

Slot volatility

Yi should also look out for slots that have to low to medium volatility. In these games, you are likely to win small amounts of money regularly. These games require a lot of patience.

Highly volatile slots can make you very rich or poor in a very short span of time. Slot volatility and RTP are always displayed on online casinos, so that yo can make the right decisions.

  • Read online reviews of slots before playing

Some slots have hidden features ; unlock them if you have free spins and other bonuses. Unfortunately, many new players don't know about these free spins. Make the most from your free spins while playing slots.

What is the conclusion?

Online slots are fair and trustworthy. You can't rig them for several reasons. First of all , these games run via Random Number Generators that can't be manipulated by hackers. RNGs are monitored by gambling regulators.

Secondly, slots of licensed casinos are regularly checked by third party auditors also. Receiving a gambling license from regulators is very tough because it involves complying with several rigorous terms and conditions.

Casinos try to ensure that you win big sums of money. Free spins and bonuses help newbies to uncover the hidden features of video slots. Players also need to know about RTPs and volatility.